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Back and Leg Pain

Written by DrBrad. Posted in Chiropractic

Back and Leg PainToday a patient walked in the door with back and leg pain. This happens every day. However, this was a little different. I noticed during the examination that he had foot drop. (This is when the foot doesn’t raise.) I asked him during the exam/history about when his foot start having this problem. He stated, a personal trainer online (y-tube) gave advice for back pain. He followed the advice and he began to experience leg pain and this new foot drop problem immediately after the exercise.

Recently, I’ve noticed many patients coming in from back pain due to wrong information. Many patients are going online a listening to personal trainers advice on back pain. Don’t get me wrong, I love personal trainers, but giving advice on treating back pain should not come from them. I should know, I was a certified personal trainer for many years prior to becoming a Doctor of Chiropractor. Please get professional advice first. After digital radiographic examination, this patient was informed he had a congenital fracture in his back called a Spondylolisthesis. The information the personal trainer gave this patient injured him, and could have paralyzed him. Please, get a true diagnosis from a Doctor of Chiropractor or a good Orthopedist before treatment. Most of the time a personal trainer can be very helpful. But they should always follow the advise of the Doctor first. By the way, this patient will be fine without using surgery and pain medications.

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