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Redondo Beach Chiropractor

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Redondo Beach Chiropractor

When people talk about Chiropractic Medicine, many things come to mind. Many people associate Chiropractors with neck pain and back pain. Others associate Chiropractic with the relief of stress on joints or with sports medicine. Dr. Brad Barez of Back to Healthcare has been a Redondo Beach Chiropractor for over 15 years. He has been serving the South Bay and has his offices located in Redondo Beach. So, when you think about Redondo Beach Chiropractic the first person you should think of is Dr. Brad Barez. Dr. Brad is an award-winning Redondo Beach Chiropractor.

Redondo Beach is a community of which Dr. Brad has been a part of nearly his whole life. Born and raised in the South Bay, Dr. Brad has been a pillar of the Redondo Beach community for many years. Working to relieve back pain and to relieve neck pain has been a life-long calling for Dr. Brad and he has been blessed in the fact that he has become one of the best Chiropractors in Redondo Beach and has a great track record to prove it. Being named by the Daily Breeze as one of the Best Chiropractors in Redondo Beach for 2009.

Redondo Beach Chiropractor Specializing in Sports Chiropractic

Dr. Brad’s specialty is sports chiropractic and because of this his offices are equipped with the latest technology available for eliminating back pain and eliminating neck pain. He also has a great facility for physical therapy and massage therapy with trained and licensed Redondo Beach Physical Therapists and Redondo Beach Massage Therapists. Please take advantage of the New Patient Offer and come in and visit with Dr Brad and become pain free in Redondo Beach!

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  • Ahmad


    Great article. My wife and I just renrtued from our first AMC bootcamp. We are excited to have joined the AMC family and look forward to the transformation in our practice, ourselves, and all of those who we come in to contact with. It really felt as though we were part of a family, something bigger. Thanks again!


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