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My Chiropractic Mission

Doctor Brad’s Chiropractic Mission

Here’s a short synopsis of what I do and why. Thank you for taking time to read this.

Its amazing how we find our purpose in life. Growing up, I never thought I would be helping people the way I’m helping today. I’ve always loved people, but doing the same thing my family did was never in my mind growing up. Playing competitive sports growing up was my youth passion. I love soccer, baseball, and football. My dream of being a professional athlete was suddenly stopped one day from football injury. Some doctors said, I wouldn’t run again. This is where it all began. I was treated by a team doctor, a Sports Chiropractor, who had me pain free and running within 30 days. I even ran the Palos Verdes Marathon to prove to myself and others that I was completely healed. I do believe in God, and yes, I believe he directed me precisely where I’m at today.

Naturally, I love treating competitive athletes. (I’ve helped the best in the world.) However, within the last 15 years of practice, I found my love for treating patients who are less fortunate than us Americans. Don’t get me wrong, I love America! I also love giving very unfortunate people around the world the gift of healing.

Happy Children Treated by Dr Brad on his Chiropractic Mission

Today, I travel to 2-3 desolate locations around the world and set up shop. I get extreme gratification seeing patients with severe chronic spinal injuries get better. I think their joy, besides getting better, is having an excellent American Doctor treating them. Most of these unfortunate people don’t understand why we do this work spending our time and money on them. I believe God gave me an excellent gift for healing not only the fortunate, but the unfortunate. This gift is a pleasure in my life, and I hope to give it for years to come.

I’m blessed to have a flourishing practice. Every year it has been growing and improving. My practice in the United States allows me to do the Global Healing Outreach Program. Today, my professional mission is to keep this healing ministry going and expand it with other professionals around the world. This form of Global Healing Outreach really changes everyone’s lives that are involved. Every patient treated at Back to Healthcare is not only naturally getting better, but contributing to our Global Healing Outreach.  Thank you for choosing our office to help you, and to help others. If you want help, and want to help others please take advantage of our New Patient Offer.

Thank You,

Dr. Brad Barez

P.S. Feel free to email me directly anytime. I’ll respond very shortly. All questions are good questions.

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