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Back Pain and Cortisone

Written by DrBrad. Posted in Chiropractic

Yesterday, a 42 year old male Long Shore man limped into the office with leg pain that had started in his lower back.

This patient uses his back physically at times and needs a very healthy back and healthy legs. When the back pain started he was told an injection of cortisone would stop the pain. Yes, it did. He felt great.

Cortisone & Back Pain Cortisone when injected correctly will decrease the inflammation, for awhile. 1 However, these “injections” are not treating the cause of the problems. So yes, pain and inflammation comes back. In other words, the cortisone will turn off the “fire alarm” but it will not treat the fire, nor the cause of the fire. When the effects of the medications wears off, there are usually more problems. A good Doctor of Chiropractic will not only diagnose the symptoms, but will identify the root cause of the problem. Yes, the Doctor of Chiropractic should fight off the pain, while treating the cause of the problem. Please don’t rely on cortisone injections to fix anything. Check out our new patient offer if you have similar symptoms.





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